Who We Are is a crowd funding platform created by the Noble Adventures for Mankind Empowerment (NAME) Foundation.

NAME Foundation is a non-political, not-for-profit, private development institution founded to enrich neighbourhoods and mankind through the good works and sacrifices of individuals and corporate bodies .

We promote the culture of caring, sharing and giving. We believe that the troubles, poverty and decadence in the world today is rooted in the pursuit of self interest above the interest of others. Therefore we are calling all men to shun selfishness,ignorance and corruption and let in unity embrace the simplicity of a life lived for the benefit of humanity.

We believe that everybody can contribute their quota in their capacity to improve their neighbourhoods and the living standards of their neighbours by volunteering to engage in social services or by paying the price for others to enjoy the prize. Everyone should be responsible and relevant in reshaping, restructuring, repairing and rebuilding the decadence in our societies.

Great societies are built when men sacrifice for their neighbours and their neighbourhoods. Their reward is a LEGACY, a NAME that cannot be erased from history.

About CrowdFunding

CROWFUNDING is the flagship crowd funding site promoted by NAME Foundation to help entrepreneurs and innovators especially lovepreneurs and social entrepreneurs raise funds from the general public to bring their innovative projects and business ideas to life.

Selected projects which would have passed through the selection criteria of are hosted on the platform for a given period of time for possible financing from good spirited individuals and organisations who would love and trust that will use their generous donations to implement the project or otherwise refund their donations.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT works with young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to generate innovative business ideas and start new businesses.

We help to incubate and nurture these start-up businesses and provide them with diverse support solutions from light touch to in-depth, helping them on strategy and vision, business development and support services, management capability, market information and introducing them to coaches, mentors, as well as investors.  


We help individuals and corporate organizations to structure and implement strategic social investments to promote their good names and brands. Every social project executed by is an opportunity to showcase the donor as a socially responsible citizen, company or institution.

Business Academy empowers potential lovepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and business leaders through its free business academy which runs periodically.

Our courses are tailored to inspire young minds to productivity and business exploits leading to the socioeconomic transformation of their host communities and beyond.

Training Module empowers potential lovepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and business leaders through its periodic Business Academy for free. Our courses are tailored to inspire young minds to productivity and business exploits leading to the socio-economic transformation of their host communities and beyond.

Our course modules cover:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Personal Transformation
3. Ideas and Vision Creation
4. Management Systems Development
5. Success Principles
6. Relationship Management
7. Problem Solving Skill
8. National Development
9. Health Management.

Amongst other things our courses help:
1. Participants to identify their areas of comparative advantages and turn them to sources of economic resources and competitive advantages in a world filled with mediocres.

2. Re-orientate their value systems towards service to humanity.

Successful trainees with unique business proposals are given access to free financing by NAME Foundation or crowdfunded through to start up their business ideas. This we hope will help young entrepreneurs build their businesses with free finance which is much needed for small startup enterprises to survive. help to culture, nurture and mature these enterprises to run professionally by providing websites, customized emails and office automation tools for every business set up to encourage accountability, growth and survival of the business plus a wealth of professional advice from experts and mentors.

Our Vision

To become a world-class charity based socio-economic development institution from the shores of Africa.


To build human societies, community by community through the sheer sacrifice and ingenuity of transformed individuals and corporate organizations.